Custom picture framing is a real investment. It costs both time and money to get the perfect frame for your object, photo or artwork.

So why do we recommend custom framing (besides wanting to see some lovely customers 😊)?

1. Telling a story

Whether you choose an antique, intricate gold frame for a beloved and rare photo of your great-grandmother, or a minimalist white box frame for your Hamptons-inspired renovation, the way you present your item tells a story.

A custom picture framer can help you choose a frame that brings your item to life. We have access to thousands of different frame styles, which means your framed piece can help tell the story of your home or space.

2. A clear view

Do you know how many different kinds of glass there are? Clear, non-reflective, museum-quality, Perspex — the list goes on! The glass for your frame will be hand-chosen to show your item in the best possible light. By asking questions about where you want to hang the piece, we can get a real feel for whether it would require a specific type of glazing. The glass in a readymade frame will be thinner and may not sit well in the frame.

3. Seamless décor

We like to find out where your item will be displayed. The colour scheme of the room. What frames will be its neighbours on the wall? Knowing more about the final home for your piece means we can customise the frame to allow it to blend well with other items in your room, to give it a more cohesive feel.

4. Protection and peace of mind

People frame all sorts of things: art, objects, photos, needleworks. Everyone values their piece differently, so we want to make sure your piece is protected. A custom picture framer can advise you on conservation of your item, photo or document, and will use a mix of different materials to ensure the item is safe and sound. At Framehaven, we have the experience to ensure that your piece remains well-protected against the elements to keep it as preserved as possible by considering the use of museum-quality glass, conservation mat boards and acid-free papers.

5. The perfect match

You may have no idea how to best show off your piece, and that’s OK! By booking a consultation, we can spend the time with you to suggest colours that will complement your piece by using a combination of different mat boards, frames and glazing. While this also depends on your décor, the frame itself can mean the difference between something looking just alright, and looking amazing.

6. An investment for the future

You spot an artwork by an art student at the local markets. You love the piece and buy it for $50 — what a bargain. You even allow the artist to sign it for you — how cute!

Now imagine that artist grows up to become the next Ben Quilty, Georgia O’Keeffe or Brett Whiteley. What if that artwork is now Blu-tacked to your wall, ripped in the corner and covered in mould from your leaking roof? Investing in a great custom frame now means that you’ll be ready in years to come, when Sotheby’s comes knocking, wanting to buy that original painting that’s in great condition on your wall, pride of place in the lounge. Aren’t you glad you took the time to get it framed by an expert?!

Great custom framing means attention to detail, quality materials and an expert eye. While there may be a place for a cheaper readymade frame, make sure you give your piece the value and care it deserves by exploring a custom frame. The great thing about Framehaven is that we have minimal overheads, and have formed great relationships with suppliers, which means we can pass all of these cost savings on to you. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

To paraphrase Oprah and maybe (?!) Marie Kondo: Fill your home with things that bring you joy!

Photo by Eddy Klaus on Unsplash